Childcare fees 2023/2024 season
Number of days per week2 days3 days4-5 days
Childcare fee*505 €/month565 €/month625 €/month
Tallinn city support**276 €/month276 €/month276 €/month
Monthly fee for parents***
(childcare+tuition fee)
229 €/month289 €/month349 €/month
Childcare204 €/month259 €/month314 €/month
Tuition fee25 €/month30 €/month35 €/month
Alimentation****4 €/day4 €/day4 €/day
* The final cost of the childcare for a parent depends on the child's and parent's place of residence according to the population register and the benefits provided by the local government.
** In order to receive childcare support, you must fill in an application form every month and submit it to the district government of your place of residence.
*** Monthly fee for a parent whose place of residence according to the population register is Tallinn and who has applied for support from the city of Tallinn includes both the childcare fee and the tuition fee. The tuition fee includes the completion of the pre-school curriculum, physical exercise lessons, music lessons, self-regulation program, digital study program, group examination of a psychologist and speech therapist, the child's individual information system, teaching aids.
*** Alimentation fee is added to the monthly fee paid by the parent. By notifying the teachers of the absence in a timely manner, there is no need to pay food for the days missed of childcare.

Väike Päike has a permit for operating a child care facility granted by Harju County Government, which enables parents to apply for a subsidy for daycare service. Read more about subsidies of different municipalities: TALLINNHARKUSAUEKIILIRAEVIIMSI. Please contact us for further questions and assistance.

The City of Tallinn compensates up to 2.7 euros per day for children under 3 years of age and up to 3 euros per day for children 3 years of age and older for food consumption. Additional information.