Tartu Väike Päike Kindergarten

Tartu Väike Päike Kindergarten

Väike Päike Kindergarten in Tartu was opened by our team in the autumn of 2016 as a new child-centered preschool institution in Tiigi Street, Tartu. There are three groups in the kindergarten to provide preschool education to 60 children at the age of 2-7 years. The kindergarten is located on two floors of a 3-storey building having a cosy milieu. The kindergarten has its own yard divided into two areas: the one covered by grass and the other covered by sand. A climbing attraction is built in the sand area.

Kindergarten Director:
Merlyn Toom
Phone: +372 58 844 713
Merlyn Toom

About kindergarten

Education in our kindergarten is in Estonian language.

Tartu Väike Päike Kindergarten Mission

In cooperation with a motivated team, to support the parent and child’s development through a playful, friendly, safe, innovative and feasible development environment.

Tartu Väike Päike Lasteaed Vision

Tartu Väike Päike Kindergarten, as pre-school education providing private educational institution, is a reliable partner for the parent, inspiring for the employees and safe comprehensive development support for the child.

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