Early childhood education builds the future

Early childhood education builds the future

The first stage of education lays the foundation for all subsequent levels and significantly impacts a person's learning ability, behavior, health and overall success throughout life.

We are a child-centered organization established in 2003. Currently, among our activities in Tallinn, Harju County, and Tartu, we operate 2 kindergartens, 12 daycares (including 2 outdoor daycare and 2 Montessori daycare), a hobby school, and the interactive learning environment DigiLa.eu. We provide early childhood education, children's daycare, supportive services and hobby activities for children aged 0-7.

Every child is unique. We recognize and support their talents, strengths and interests. We aim to be a partner for parents, nurturing and developing the child in their best interests.

We prioritize a child-centered approach and a purposeful, systematic learning process. Among various educational activities, we implement self-regulation programs, project-based learning, STEAM and digital education and the The Montessori method of education.

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