Kindergarten Väike Päike

Kindergarten Väike Päike

The kindergarten is located in a peaceful residential area called Pärnamäe Village, in Viimsi Municipality. The building of the kindergarten was specially built for providing the kindergarten service in 2008.

Väike Päike leases the building and operates the kindergarten. The kindergarten and Viimsi Municipality have concluded a PPP (Public Private Partnership) agreement.

Every day 142 children go to the kindergarten.

Kindergarten manager
Mari Sooalu
Phone: +372 50 56 510
Mari Sooalu

About kindergarten

Education in our kindergarten is in Estonian language.

The area used by the kindergarten is 1441 m2 (7 rooms for groups, 2 halls, a kitchen together with the dining hall).
There are 2 halls for exercising and music activities (size 61 m2 and 98 m2), both halls are fitted with necessary modern inventory required for activity.
The kindergarten has a kitchen and a dining room.

Group rooms include 4 parts: a playing room, a bedroom with a partition wall, a dressing room and a bathroom. The play room is fitted with special furniture for children and educative games and toys. Each group room also includes contemporary multimedia solutions: a TV, a laptop. It is possible to use a photo camera, a projector and a big screen. The group rooms are full of light, safe and playfully child-friendly.

The play ground has high quality certified attractions for the corresponding age group, cycling paths and a sledging hill. In addition there are 3 terraces covered by roof, under which children can have outside activities when it is raining.

Kindergarten Väike Päike MISSION is to support every child’s development to be creative and take initiative, to cope with modern living environment and to value her/himself and others.

  • Child creates Väike Päike. In all our decisions  and actions we take child into account.
  • Groups mental and physical environments support child’s comprehensive development.
  • We value and develop social skills. Behavioural patterns that start in early childhood, influence humans trough life.  Behaviour, choices and everyday coping is closely related to living skills – ability to build, keep and end relationships, solve problems, make decisions, control your behaviour, set  goals.

Kindergarten Väike Päike VISION is to be open, innovative and safe, child oriented and family inclusive, employees valuing educational institution.


Child oriented and family inclusive

  • We are a reliable partner for the family, providing support in raising and educating the child.
  • We take the child’s interests and needs into account by involving families in the learning and upbringing process.
  • Developmental environment is supportive to every child’s individual needs and takes into account their interests, following the modern learning concepts and principles.
  • We have created an environment that is inviting and happy, welcoming every child.

Open and innovative

  • We are open in all directions – ready to share our experience and receive information.
  • We are always looking for partners in order to provide our service with even better quality and versatility.
  • We are curious and open to asking where, when, how?
  • We are always there for our customers.

Honest and reliable

  • The organization is transparent, information and documents are available if asked.
  • We work with recognized specialists.
  • Our activities are science-based and meet national requirements.

Caring and tolerant

  • We are attentive to our surroundings.
  • We take into account each and every individual – people are different and it enriches our world.
  • Listen, support, help.
  • We are responsible for creating a friendly and cheerful environment.
  • We are respectful of everyone with our words and behavior.


  • We discover the world and grow through
  • We enjoy playing with the kids.
  • Our children and staff are creative, curious, adaptable and open to always learn new things.

Stable, motivated and professional team

  • Väike Päike collective is like an integrated and united family. Working together and coworking creates a sense of cohesion and a desire to contribute.
  • The staff is competent, professional and welcoming.
  • The organization supports the professional development of the staff – providing training, but also the opportunity to train and lead by example.

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