Childcare fees
Number of days per week5 days4 days3 days2 days
Childcare fee*475 €/month425 €/month375 €/month325 €/month
Benefits of Rae municipality**386 €/month345 €/month295 €/month245 €/month
Monthly fee for parents***
(childcare+tuition fee)
89 €/month80 €/month80 €/month80 €/month
Childcare80 €/month72 €/month73 €/month74 €/month
Tuition fee9 €/month8 €/month7 €/month6 €/month
Alimentation****3,5 €/day3,5 €/day3,5 €/day3,5 €/day
* The final cost of the childcare for a parent depends on the child's and parent's place of residence according to the population register and the benefits provided by the local government.
** The monthly fee for a parent - whose place of residence according to the population register is Rae municipality - includes the childcare fee and the tuition fee. The tuition fee includes the completion of the pre-school curriculum, physical exercise classes, music lessons, self-regulation program, digital study program, group examination of a psychologist and speech therapist, use of the child's individual information system Kindiedays, and teaching materials.
*** Alimentation fee is added to the monthly fee paid by the parent. By notifying the teachers of the absence in a timely manner, there is no need to pay food for the days missed of childcare.
The price list is valid from 01.07.2021.


Kiili Parish subsidy for residents is 350-380 euros per months. Additional information.

Väike Päike has a permit for operating a child care facility granted by Harju County Government, which enables parents to apply for a subsidy for daycare service. Read more about subsidies of different municipalities: TALLINNHARKUSAUEKIILIRAEVIIMSI. Please contact us for further questions and assistance.

The City of Tallinn compensates up to 1.8 euros per day for children under 3 years of age and up to 2 euros per day for children 3 years of age and older for food consumption. Additional information.

Individual support services

Speech therapist: 45 min/30 €, virtual consulting 30min/25 €
Physiotherapist: first visit 45 min/25 €, repeat visit 30 min/20 €
Psychologist: 60-90min/50-70 €, individual work with child 45 min/40€, virtual consulting 45-60 min/35-43€
Special educator: 60-90min/50-70 €, individual work with child 45 min/45€
Children’s massage: 1×15 €/5×70 €
Sleep therapist: 50 €/1,5 hours

Rental fee for parties: 70 €/3 hours
Rental fee for conferences and hobbies: 10 €/ 1 hour