Creativity & robotics camp
Kunst, Loovus, Muusika, Robootika

Creativity & robotics camp

  • Lastele vanuses: 6-10 year
  • Asukoht: Tallinna kesklinn
  • Toimumisaeg: 10.08.20 - 14.08.20
  • Kestus: 5 days
  • Hind: 130 eur

The creativity & robotics camp is intended for 6-10 years old children who like to play, have fun and test their imagination combining digital tools and improvisational play. In the first half of the camp day, we use games and exercises that help develop creative thinking, acting and communication skills. In addition, we discover and experiment with many exciting robotic and digital tools. For example, we build a self-driving rally car and make a musical banana instrument. We get to know and discover Lego Wedo2, Dashi, Ozobot, Bluebot and Makey Makey and many other tools that help make learning fun. Every day has a playful workshop, fun outdoor activities, a hot meal and interesting visits. On a nice day, we go to the park or by the sea to play lots of outdoor games and have a picnic.

One camp runs from Monday to Friday (5 days) from 9 to 17.Fee 130 euros.
Includes all excursions, necessary materials and a hot lunch.

Come and make new friends, learn new things and have a fun summer with Väike Päike!

Discount: By choosing 2 summer camps at once, we offer -10% for the second camp.