Kindergarten is so much fun

Kindergarten is so much fun

In October 2021, Väike Päike, in cooperation with Tammeramaamat Publishing House, will publish a new realistic and age-appropriate storybook focusing on kindergarten life, which also includes funny stories, poems and educational activities.

The author of the texts is the children's writer Liis Sein and the pictures were drawn by artist Elina Sildre.

The almost a4-format hardcover book consists of 64 pages and ten chapters in which 3-year-old twins Harald and Freia are adventuring with all the children of the green group and teacher Heleri.

The book will be published in Estonian in October, 2021.

Pre-ordering for 18 € here: "Maruvahva lasteaed"


Reading books together and to kids, looking at pictures and talking about your day in kindergarten develops the child’s ability to concentrate and read, reduces stress and provides intimacy. We want this activity to be part of every parent’s and child’s day. We believe, and many scientific studies confirm, that there is no more important time than the birth of a child until the age of seven. The brain, self-regulation and behavioral patterns develop precisely at the preschool age, when it is especially important to steer the child in the right direction in a soft and supportive way.