Our values

Our values

Child oriented and family inclusive

  • We are a reliable partner for the family, providing support in raising and educating the child.
  • We take the child's interests and needs into account by involving families in the learning and upbringing process.
  • Developmental environment is supportive to every child’s individual needs and takes into account their interests, following the modern learning concepts and principles.
  • We have created an environment that is inviting and happy, welcoming every child.

Open and innovative

  • We are open in all directions - ready to share our experience and receive information.
  • We are always looking for partners in order to provide our service with even better quality and versatility.
  • We are curious and open to asking where, when, how?
  • We are always there for our customers.

Honest and reliable

  • The organization is transparent, information and documents are available if asked.
  • We work with recognized specialists.
  • Our activities are science-based and meet national requirements.

Caring and tolerant

  • We are attentive to our surroundings.
  • We take into account each and every individual – people are different and it enriches our world.
  • Listen, support, help.
  • We are responsible for creating a friendly and cheerful environment.
  • We are respectful of everyone with our words and behavior.


  • We discover the world and grow through
  • We enjoy playing with the kids.
  • Our children and staff are creative, curious, adaptable and open to always learn new things.

Stable, motivated and professional team

  • Väike Päike collective is like an integrated and united family. Working together and coworking creates a sense of cohesion and a desire to contribute.
  • The staff is competent, professional and welcoming.
  • The organization supports the professional development of the staff – providing training, but also the opportunity to train and lead by example.